Accompany robot for
children education

Seize the golden period of children growth


Pudding S accompany smart robot for children education
seizes the golden period of children growth,
makes children growth happier and makes parents accompany more relaxed
with its unique intelligent interactive experience and a large number of
professional and legal resources.

Intellgent conversation
Children education
English translation
Interactive stories
Encyclopedic knowledge Q&A
Remote video call
Dynamic state of babies
Habit development
Growth planning
Intelligent housekeeping

For the first time of accompanying to grow up, the innocent ones are not only children.
New parents give all their love to the children carefully.
They always hope to do it better, but cannot avoid all thumbs.

How do the busy parents keep warm contact with children at home after hard works?
Curious babies are always having unrestrained questions. How to satisfy the babies' curiosity easier?

Give all of these questions to Pudding S!

Intellgent conversation

Chat with you,
answer all your questions.

Powerful intelligent voice system R-KIDS can identify the spoken language of different ways and deeply optimize according to the specific vocabulary habits of children to make children be able to understand and speak as well as develop the abilities of expression, communication and sociability.

Children education

Freely listen at any time with an order.

Deeply integrate with high quality content platforms such as Beva, Uncle Kai Tells Stories and Himalayan.
Continuously update at cloud synchronously. Chinese history, ancient poetry and idiom, science and educational knowledge
as well as rich learning contents are interesting and useful. Satisfy different requirements of children in different ages by easy VOD.

English translation

Understand "literary jargon",
answer “ABCD”.

Command Pudding into “Chinese-English translation” mode with simple order. Whatever “Can you can a can as a canner can can a can.” or “If you want to watch more,please go upstairs.”, Pudding can easily understand and translate them into English fast and accurately.

Interactive stories

Leave a period of time for
children“acting” stories
excitedly every day.

Design interactive experiencing story contents according to ages. Change the unilateral telling stories to “acting” stories with children so as to develop the judgment, comprehension ability, imagination and expression ability of children. Make children more concentrated and make stories more interesting.

Encyclopedic knowledge Q&A

Insist on getting to the
bottom of the matter.
Answer the unrestrained
questions of children
with patience.

“Why is the sky blue?” “Why is there sky?” “What are others in sky?” Based on real-time updated cloud big data, the knowledgeable Pudding S can satisfy more curiousness of children, understand constant new ideas of children, help children open the imaginary spaceand and protect the valuable exploring enthusiasm of children.

Remote video call

No matter how far,
the family is in sight.

Even if you are busy every day, you can have a look at your children in fragment moments. Remote high-definition video call, intelligent shooting/recording/ replaying. You can turn on the phone and communicate with your children any time and anywhere.

Dynamic state and saying of babies

Even if you are not close to your babies, you be touched at any time.

Accurately identifying the facial expressions of children. Intelligently following and capturing videos.
Even the interesting function of babies’s saying will automatically record the voice children call mom and dad and push it to mobile phone app.
You will never miss the lovely mumbles, adorable toddling, happy growth moments of the babies.

Growth planning

Customized growth
system accurately push
resource contents.

Elaborately developed by many children education experts according to American multiple intelligence theory, sensitive period theory of Montessori and Chinese children developmental psychology. Customized growth system special for Chinese children. Make comprehensive analysis on the 7 psychological features of children by collecting the age and sex of children. Accurately push resource contents and growth tips.

Intelligent housekeeping

Real-time monitoring, loyal home guarder.

Start housekeeping mode when there is nobody at home.
Dynamic video detection and 360°head rotation. Will not miss every corner of the home.
Automatically take pictures and push them to mobile phone app when something abnormal is detected.

“Pudding” is a brand for professional children intelligent robot,
which focuses on discovering intelligent robots for different age groups
with the purpose of accompanying them through their growth.
The brand utilizes technology to transform love from within
the heart into tangible products that convey the love.

“Pudding” represents an intelligent buddy, who brings happiness, unbound imagination and creative future to the kids. “Pudding” advocates the concept of “edutainment” through its intelligent robot for the children, so that they can experience the utmost joy during this exciting period of dream, discovery and exploration. At the same time, it also helps to develop the potential intelligence in the children and cultivate good habits and behaviors in them.
In the future, “Pudding” will still continue to roll out new products under the same family for the kids from different age group. The brand is dedicated to produce intelligent robots that are the most educational, fun and useful for all the children. With the happiness and wisdom brought about by “Pudding”, hopefully it will motivate the children to grow into better persons.

With the happiness and wisdom brought about by "Pudding",
hopefully it will motivate the children to grow into better persons.