User friendly design
Polish every detail elaborately

Holding by Kids| Curved Dot Matrix
Environmental-friendly Spray Paint| Echo Speaker

"It’s not my fault to look so cute!"-Pudding

The small, round and streamlined egg-shaped design is futuristic and
comfortable for holding by the kids.

"I sacrificed the design of,
screen for the kids." - CTO

The use of curved dot matrix LED allows
uniform and non-glaring display,
which protects the eyesight of the kids.

"I spent the night for the 1%
details, as Iwill not give up
on any improvement before
I am satisfied." - Industrial Designer

The screwless structure and environmental-friendly
spray paint achieved the highest class of PVC shell
material as in milk bottles. Hence, the parents can be
assured on the safety even if the kids chew on it.

"You can even have a concert at home for your kids."Structure Designer

With the echo speaker and optimized dual-channel sound system, it provides desktop speaker level of audio enjoyment,
conveying pleasant and clear music.

360°rotating base and 720P
wide-angle miniature camera
allow accurate capture of the
surrounding for easy viewing.

Dual-microphone system with professional noise
reduction allows the clear collection of human voice, at the same
reduces the background noise in the surrounding.

The internal touch and weight sensor allows
accurate judgment of the environment when used to enable
a more real experience and better interaction.

The magnetic eye sticker puts the product
to sleep when attached and physically blocks the camera,
to protect user’s privacy with a simple step.

The newly upgraded 1920mAh high performance
lithium battery allows 6 hours of wireless usage,
enabling it to accompany through trips
hassle-free and happily.

Wireless Usage
6 Hours

Lithium Batterie